SLTC 2014
Nov 13-14

Accepted Abstracts

Yvonne Adesam, Lars Borin, Gerlof Bouma, Markus Forsberg and Richard Johansson
Koala — Korp's linguistic annotations, developing an infrastructure for text-based research with high-quality annotations [pdf]

Martin Agfjord, Krasimir Angelov, Per Fredelius and Svetoslav Marinov
Grammar-based suggestion engine with keyword search [pdf]

Malin Ahlberg, Lars Borin, Dana Dannélls, Markus Forsberg, Maria Toporowska Gronostaj, Karin Friberg Heppin, Richard Johansson, Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Leif-Jöran Olsson and Jonatan Uppström
Swedish FrameNet++ The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning [pdf]

Simon Alexanderson, Jonas Beskow and David House
Automatic speech/non-speech classification using gestures in dialogue [pdf]

Rikard Andersson, Morgan Ericsson and Anna Wingkvist
Mining Relations from Git Commit Messages - an Experience Report [pdf]

Filip Antomonov and Beata Megyesi
Automatic Morphosyntactic Analysis of Clinical Texts [pdf]

Fredrik Axelsson, Birger Rydback, Fredrik Johansson, Jonatan Bengtsson and Svetoslav Marinov
Data-driven Coreference Resolution for Swedish [pdf]

Eckhard Bick
Translating the Swedish Wikipedia into Danish [pdf]

Anders Björkelund, Ozlem Cetinoglu, Agnieszka Falenska, Richard Farkas, Thomas Mueller, Wolfgang Seeker and Zsolt Szanto
Self-training for Swedish Dependency Parsing — Initial Results and Analysis [pdf]

Henrik Björklund
Interactive learning of syntax-based natural language queries [pdf]

Johanna Björklund and Emil Lundh
Automatic Speech Recognition in Media Asset Management [pdf]

Mats Dahllöf
Predicting the scribe behind a page of medieval handwriting [pdf]

Peter Exner, Marcus Klang and Pierre Nugues
Using Distant Supervision to Build a Proposition Bank [pdf]

Jacob Gavin, Jimmy Hammarbäck, Madeleine Hammarbäck, Benjamin Helmerson, Martina Nyberg, Cassandra Svensson, Jody Foo and Felix Koch
An Eye-tracking Study on the Importance of Consistent Terminology [pdf]

Filip Ginter and Jenna Kanerva
Fast Training of word2vec Representations Using N-gram Corpora [pdf]

Christian Hardmeier
A Dependency Projection Model for Phrase-Based SMT [pdf]

Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock, Erik Kanebrant, Arne Jönsson, Caroline Liberg, Sofie Johansson Kokkinakis, Åsa af Geijerstam, Johan Falkenjack and Jenny Wiksten Folkeryd
Studies on automatic assessment of students' reading ability [pdf]

Marcus Klang and Pierre Nugues
Named Entity Disambiguation in a Question Answering System [pdf]

Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Ann Ighe and Mats Malm
Vocation Identification in Swedish Fiction [pdf]

Michael Minock
In pursuit of decidable 'logical form' [pdf]

Joakim Nivre
Universal Dependencies for Swedish [pdf]

Juri Pyykkö, Rebecka Weegar and Pierre Nugues
Passage Retrieval in a Question Answering System [pdf]

Sampo Pyysalo and Filip Ginter
Collaborative development of annotation guidelines with application to Universal Dependencies [pdf]

Aarne Ranta, Krasimir Angelov, Prasanth Kolachina and Inari Listenmaa
Large-Scale Hybrid Interlingual Translation in GF: a Project Description [pdf]

Aarne Ranta, Koen Classen, Gerardo Schneider, Ramona Enache, Normunds Gruzitis, John Camilleri, Inari Listenmaa and Prasanth Kolachina
REMU - Reliable Multilingual Digital Communication: Methods and Applications [pdf]

Yan Shao and Jörg Tiedemann
Machine Transliteration of Names from Different Language Origins into Chinese [pdf]

Aaron Smith, Christian Hardmeier and Jörg Tiedemann
BLEU Is Not the Colour: How Optimising BLEU Reduces Translation Quality [pdf]

Nina Viereckel and Jörg Tiedemann
Identification of Idiomatic Expressions Using Parallel Subtitle Corpora [pdf]

Elena Volodina and Therese Lindstrom Tiedemann
Evaluating Students' Metalinguistic Knowledge with Lärka [pdf]

Niklas Zechner
Effects of Division of Data in Author Identification [pdf]

Robert Östling
Word order typology through interlingua word alignment [pdf]