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The Swedenborg Word Database

A database of words founded upon Swedenborg's Oeconomia regni animalis I-II (1740-41) and Regnum animale I-II (1744)

A team of Latinists at the Department of linguistics and philology, Uppsala University, are presently working on a project concerning the anatomical-physiological works by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).
One of the project's aims is to make Oeconomia regni animalis (Oec.) and Regnum animale (RA) electronically searchable in the form of a full text database. The full text will be made accessible to users on the Internet.
The full text is also going to form the basis of our own studies on Swedenborg's language in these texts, and it will help us fulfil a second aim of our project: to construct a database of words, in which our own analyses of words and expressions, both "technical" and belonging to "ordinary language", will be registered. The database will be searchable on the Internet. From this webpage, it is possible to try a test version of the database of words.
We would appreciate it if our visitors give us their comments and suggestions.