Multra in Action

Project description

The project aims at the on-site evaluation and cyclic extension of a multilingual computerized translation tool, based on the Multra prototype. The prototype models a translation workbench with user-controlled mixed mode of mechanical and human translation. It is embedded in a powerful text processing environment including means for graphical representation, preserving source document lay-out and typography during mechanical translation. Working with Multra, the user marks a region in the source document (word, sentence fragment, sentence, paragraph, page, or the full document) and selects the translation function from the menu, or marks a word and selects one of the dictionary look-up functions, supporting human translation. The MT function of the prototype is unification-based. It includes four modules, responsible for analysis, preference, transfer, and generation. Preference rules express linguistic choices between competing analyses, transfer rules are applied according to specificity, and generation rules are applied in sequential order. The modularity of the MT function provides the basis for flexible user interaction. Seven languages are involved, i.e. Swedish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, with Swedish as the source language. Based on the Multra prototype, a fullfledged MT tool tuned for the translation of technical manuals in the car manufacturing domain will be developed.

Contact person: Anna Sågvall Hein, principal investigator


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