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Reports from Uppsala University, Dept. of Linguistics
ISSN: 0280-1337

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Issues marked with an * are out of print. All the others can be ordered from the department. Some of the later issues are also available as downloads, se links below.

RUUL 1* (1972)
Per Linell: Remarks on Swedish morphology
RUUL 2* (1973)
Kerstin Severinsson: Emphatic verb phrase preposing in Swedish
Per Linell: The phonological character of Umlaut and Ablaut in Swedish
Stina Borgstam: A new type of rule in Swedish phonology
Olle Gunnilstam: The theory of local linearity
Johannes Wagner: Eine kontrastive Analyse der Verben: Deutsch: dürfen, müssen, können, bekommen, Schwedisch: få, torde, måste, kunna
RUUL 3* (1974)
Jan Anward: The semantics of noun phrase movement
Bengt Svensson: A Hungarian case against unidirectionality
Stig Eliasson: Contrastive analysis of phonological rules
RUUL 4* (1974)
Per Linell: Problems of psychological reality in generative phonology. A critical assessment
RUUL 5* (1976)
Stig Eliasson: Theoretical problems in Scandinavian contrastive phonology
Stig Eliasson: Bidirectionality and unidirectionality in phonology
Stig Eliasson: Inferential aspects of phonological rules
Margareta Jennische: Phonological regularities in a boy with mongolism
Lars Fant: Prosody versus intonation
RUUL 6* (1980)
Lars Fant: Functions of sentence prosody and word order in European Spanish
Sven Strömqvist: Perspectives on a speech act performed by 19 three-year-olds
Lars Ahrenberg: The meaning of sentence types
RUUL 7 (1981)
Per Linell: The concept of phonological form and the activities of speech production and speech perception
Olle Engstrand: Acoustic constraints or invariant input representation? An experimental study of selected articulatory movements and targets
Kiros Fre Woldu: Facts regarding Arabic emphatic consonant production
RUUL 8* (1982)
Traugott Schiebe: Functionally split noun phrases - a problem for Montague grammar
Robert Bannert, Olle Engstrand, Håkan Eriksson, Lennart Nordstrand: Phonetics and identity
Robert Bannert: An F0-dependent model for segment duration?
RUUL 9 (1982)
Olle Engstrand, Susanna Kuoljok-Angéus: Spectrographic observations on Lule Sami pronunciation
Olle Engstrand, Lennart Nordstrand: A new phonetic interpretation of /h/ in Swedish
Traugott Schiebe: Critical remarks on Engdahl's semantic analysis of questions
RUUL 10 (1983)
Olle Engstrand: Articulatory coordination in selected VCV utterances: A means-end view
RUUL 11 (1983)
Olle Engstrand, Lennart Nordstrand: Acoustic evidence for /h v j/ and the nasals as a phonetic class in Swedish: preliminary data
Olle Engstrand, Lennart Nordstrand: Acoustic features correlating with tenseness, laxness and stress: preliminary observations
Birgitta Johnsen: Four "hemispheres" for the realization of language?
Sayed Ahmed Adem: Are the emphatic consonants of Egyptian Arabic rounded? An experimental investigation of rounding and lip-protrusion
Traugott Schiebe: DP logic - a new approach to variables
RUUL 12 (1985)
Traugott Schiebe: More on DP logic
Abdulaziz Y Lodhi, Olle Engstrand: On aspiration in Swahili: Some working hypotheses and a pilot experiment
Olle Engstrand, Lennart Nordstrand: A digital data base for cross-language phonetic research
RUUL 13 (1985)
Kiros Fre Woldu: The perception and production of Tigrinya stops
RUUL 14 (1986)
Una Cunningham-Andersson: Approaching the Swedish speaker's model of Swedish spoken by English speakers - a pilot study
Stig Eliasson: The interrelations between theoretical and applied linguistics
Stig Eliasson: An outline of a cognitively-based model of phonology
Traugott Schiebe: Context-sensitivity in linguistic meaning
Sven Öhman: Empirism och universalgrammatik hos Chomsky
Stig Eliasson: Review of Basboll & Wagner: Kontrastive Phonologie des deutschen und Dänischen. Segmentale Wortphonologie und -phonetik
RUUL 15* (1987)
Lars Ahrenberg: Interrogative structures of Swedish. Aspects of the relations between grammar and speech acts
RUUL 16 (1987)
Papers from a conference on the subject Learning to Read and Write held in Uppsala 1986-10-06
Ingvar Lundberg: Two dimensions of decontextualization in reading acquisition
Kent Larsson: Language development, writing and learning - some comments from a linguistic point of view
Eva Magnusson & Kerstin Nauclér: Language disordered and normally speaking children's development of spoken and written language: preliminary results from a longitudinal study
Caroline Liberg: Learning to read and write, the first steps: a critical review of the scientific framing of the question
RUUL 17 (1987)
Papers from the Swedish Phonetics Conference held in Uppsala, October 17-18, 1986. Edited by Olle Engstrand.
Contributions by Björn Lindblom, Gösta Bruce, Lennart Nord, Eva Strangert, Sven Öhman, Eva Gårding, Hartmut Traunmüller, Diana Krull, Richard Schulman, Robert Bannert, David House, Sidney Wood, Sven Ternström & Johan Sundberg & Anders Colldén, Una Cunningham-Andersson, Maria Wingstedt & Richard Schulman, Christian Hecht, Gunnar Fant & Lennart Nord & Anita Kruckenberg, Rolf Carlsson & Björn Granström, Olle Engstrand, Kid Wegelius, Jan-Olof Svantesson, Irène Johansson, Liselotte Roug & Ingrid Landberg & Lars-Johan Lundberg
RUUL 18* (1989)
Stig Eliasson: English-Maori language contact: code-switching and the free-morpheme constraint
Sven Öhman: Pseudo-problems in linguistics
Traugott Schiebe: Meaning and content: the ancillary character of language and the compositionality of linguistic meaning
RUUL 19* (1990)
Stig Eliasson: Semiotic facets of linguistic models
Anders Holmberg: On bare infinitivals in Swedish
Anders Holmberg: On the Scandinavian double object construction
Jan-Eric Widell: Social characterization of language and grammar in modern linguistics
RUUL 20 (1990)
Caroline Liberg: Learning to read and write (finns som laserutskrift)
RUUL 21 (1991)
John Sören Pettersson: Critique of evolutionary accounts of writing (2nd print 1992 with corrections and a few minor elucidations)
RUUL 22* (1991) ISBN 91-628-0465-0
Lars Borin: The automatic induction of morphological regularities
RUUL 23 (1993)
Papers from the Seventh Swedish Phonetics Conference held in Uppsala, May 12-14, 1993 (published before the Conference). Edited by John Sören Pettersson.
Contributions by Una Cunningham-Andersson; Ahmed M. Elgendy; Mechtild Tronnier; Lennart Nord, Britta Hammarberg, and Elisabet Lundström; Eva Öberg; Kerstin Nelfelt; John Sören Pettersson; Lennart Andersson; Catharina Kylander; Inger Karlsson and Lennart Neovius; Lennart Neovius and Parimala Raghavendra; Mats Blomberg, Rolf Carlsson, Kjell Elenius, Björn Granström, Sheri Hunnicutt, Roger Lindell, and Lennart Neovius; Kjell Elenius and Hans Tråvén; Mats Båvegård and Jesper Högberg; Mats Blomberg and Rolf Carlsson; Rolf Carlsson, Björn Granström, and Lennart Nord; Hartmut Traunmüller and Renée van Bezooijen; Robert McAllister; Jan Anward; Eva Strangert, Eva Ejerhed, and Dieter Huber; Peter Czigler; Diana Krull; Duncan Markham; Paul Touati; Jan-Olov Svantesson; Kari Suomi
RUUL 24* (1993)
Björn Beskow: Unification Based Transfer in Machine Translation
RUUL 25 (1993)
Pär Segerdahl: Chomsky's notion of grammaticalness
Pär Segerdahl: The theoretical approach to language
John Sören Pettersson: The alpha and omega of phonetics
John Sören Pettersson: Phonetic concepts and the origin of the alphabet
John Sören Pettersson: Numerals in enigmatic scripts
John Sören Pettersson: Review: Before Writing by Schmandt-Besserat
John Sören Pettersson and Anna Sågvall-Hein: Two DECIDE courses for decision-makers
Caroline Liberg: Narrative and language learning
RUUL 26* (1994)
Ingrid Björk: Begreppet halvspråkighet (finns som särtryck)
Eva Wikholm: Svensk kärnvokabulär i MULDA
Sven Öhman: Two hundred years of "scientificness" in linguistics
John Sören Pettersson: The number of equations needed to test possible numerals
Anju Saxena: From lexical to grammatical - The story of say and thus
RUUL 27* (1994) ISBN 91-506-1067-8
Olli Blåberg: The Ment Model - Complex States in Finite State Morphology
RUUL 28* (1995)
Anju Saxena: New aspect morphology: where does it come from?
Anju Saxena: Aspect and evidential morphology
John Sören Pettersson: The ultimate blend: Learning to read by the Söderbergh-Lundberg method
Stig Eliasson: Grammatical and lexical switching in Maori-English 'grasshopper speech'
Stig Eliasson: Duelling Languages by Carol Myers-Scotton
RUUL 29 (1996) ISBN 91-506-1170-4
John Sören Pettersson: Grammatological Studies. Writing and its Relation to Speech.
RUUL 30* (1997) Sven Öhman: 9 x Öhman
Selected papers by Sven Öhman, published on occasion of his sixtieth birthday, June 14, 1996.
Coarticulation in VCV Utterances: Spectrographic Measurements (1966)
Numerical Model of Coarticulation (1967)
Word and Sentence Intonation: A Quantitative Model (1967)
Modelling Linguistic Interaction in Terms of Lexical Operators: Preliminary Considerations (1975)
Gunnar Fant, Pioneer Student of Human Speech (1979)
Fact and Value in Grammar (1987)
Empiricism and Universal Grammar in Chomsky's Work (1988)
Pseudo-Problems in Linguistics (1989)
Two Hundred Years of Scientificness in Linguistics (1994)
RUUL 31 (1997) ISBN 91-630-5526-0
Caroline Liberg, Lars Espmark, Jenny Wiksten, Isabel Bütler: Upplevelsepresenterande, händelsetecknande, berättande och språkinlärning.
RUUL 32 (1997) ISBN 91-630-6193-7
Anju Saxena: Internal and External Factors in Language Change. Aspect in Tibeto-Kinnaur. [.ps] [.pdf]
RUUL 33* (1998) Papers by
Agnes Edling: Kritisk diskursanalys - teori, ideologi och praktik
Lars Espmark: Narratives: Constitutive of mind and culture, or of the narratological perspective?
Åsa af Geijerstam: Hur har du uppfattat det? En studie av den fenomenografiska ansatsen och dess förmåga att fånga elevers uppfattningar av lärobokstexter
Anju Saxena: Spatial and temporal domains in Kinnauri
Jenny Wiksten Folkeryd: The acquisition of genres. Some findings from an investigation of children's argumentation in Swedish families
RUUL 34* (1999) ISBN 91-973737-0-2 [.ps] [.pdf]
Mats Dahllöf: Three papers on computational syntax and semantics
Prolog-embedding feature structure grammar
Implementing token-based minimal recursion semantics Predicate-functor logic
RUUL 35 (2002) ISBN 91-973737-1-0
Fredrik Olsson, Requirements and design considerations for an open and general architecture for information refinement
RUUL 36 (2002) ISBN 91-973737-2-9 [.ps] [.pdf]
Mats Dahllöf: Two Reports on Computational Syntax and Semantics
Prolog-Embedding Typed Feature Structure Grammar (PETFSG-II.2) and Grammar Tool
An Implementation of Token Dependency Semantics for a Fragment of English