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The third international conference on Balochistan studies

18-21th August 2005

The third international conference on Balochistan studies is to be held on 18-21th August 2005, at Uppsala University Department of Linguistics and Philology, Iranian languages, Språkvetenskapligt Centrum, Thunbergsvägen 3H, Uppsala.

The theme for the conference is: Pluralism in Balochistan

Balochistan has throughout history been one of the important meeting points between the Indian Subcontinent and the Iranian Plateau. In today's Balochistan, divided between Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan different socioeconomic systems are found in different regions, a variety of languages are spoken side by side often by the very same person, different religious professions are encountered, and traditional ways of living are challenged by modernism.

The conference wants to highlight various aspects of plurality in presentday Balochistan and researchers will present papers with a focus on socioeconomic, religious, linguistic, literary and cultural plurality in Balochistan.

Dr. Agnes Korn
Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft
Universitaet Frankfurt
PF 11 19 32
D - 60054 Frankfurt
  Prof. Carina Jahani
Iranian Languages
Uppsala University
Department of Linguistics and Philology
P.O. Box 635
SE-751 26 Uppsala, Sweden

Preliminary program

Location: Ihresalen, Thunbergsvägen 3G, Engelska parken, Humanistiskt centrum, Uppsala.

Registration fee: 300 SEK/30 Euro for 4 days, 100 SEK/10 Euro per day. Coffee in the morning and afternoon is included in this fee.

 Sat. 13th AugustWed. 17th AugustThu. 18th AugustFri. 19th AugustSat. 20th AugustSun. 21st August
09:00  Registration, opening addressesNoraieeBarjasteMirdehqan
09:45  BorhanzahiTakiDabir Moqaddam
10:30Town Library 10:00 - 16:00 SwidlerCoffeeCoffeeCoffee
11:15 NicoliniAhmadzadeBashirBaranzehi
12:00  FarrellJahaniAhangar
13:30 Titus   
14:15 AxmannParvinFree afternoonAxenov
15:00 CoffeeYadegari Korn
15:45 AfraxteCoffeeCoffeeCoffee
16:30  SchindlerPanel discussion

Use of Balochi in the Educational system Introductions by Pakzad Yousefian, Moosa Mahmoudzani, Abdul Razzaq Sabir + Discussion

Dinner in restaurants (individually)

 Info about proceedings, closing addresses
18:30 Warming up meeting

Venue: restaurant Santorini, Islandfallet

Handicraft evening

Elina Sorainen

Shahin Borhanzehi

Cultural Evening

Introduction by Taj Mohammed Breseeg "Language and nationalism" Poetry reading Balochi cultural activities in Europe

Light buffet

Meal for invited guests

Venue: Vänge

Programme at the Uppsala Town Library, 13 August 2005

On Saturday 13 August there is a programme in Swedish in the Uppsala Town Library with a focus on Balochi culture.

Address: Uppsala Stadsbibliotek, Svartbäcksgatan 17, Uppsala Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The programme will consist of

  1. A presentation in Swedish by Carina Jahani (11.15-12.00):
    Who are the Baloch?
  2. A presentation of Balochi pottery and handicraft by Elina Sorainen and Shahin Borhanzahi (12.00-12.45).
  3. An exhibition of handicraft and pottery with opportunities to purchase items.
  4. A film on Balochi traditional pottery making in Kalpurakan, Sarawan (13.30-14.00).
  5. (Still uncertain) Musical performance by Golbang (14.00-15.00)


List of papers

  • Hassan Afrakhteh, Tehran/Iran
    A comparative study of three urban areas in Iranian Balochistan

  • Abbas Ali Ahangar, Zahedan/Iran
    Description of the Verbal System in Sarhaddi Balochi

  • Serge Axenov, St. Peterburg/Russia
    The grammatical morphemes -a and k- in Balochi

  • Martin Axmann, Freiburg/Germany
    Phoenix from the ashes? The Baloch national movement and its recent revival

  • Adam Nader Baranzehi, Uppsala/Sweden
    Generatiolects in Central Sarawani (uncertain)

  • Behrooz Barjasteh Delforooz, Uppsala/Sweden
    Multilingualism among Jadgalis

  • Elena Bashir, Washington/USA
    Contact-induced and transitional features in Eastern Balochi

  • Mahin Borhanzahi, Iranshahr/Iran
    Cultural pluralism in Balochistan with emphasis on the intermediation of tradition and modernism

  • Mohammad Dabir Moghaddam, Tehran/Iran
    On oblique clitics in Balochi in comparisonwith other Iranian

  • Tim Farrell, London/UK
    The Milky Tongue: Metaphor in Balochi

  • Carina Jahani, Uppsala/Sweden
    Balochi relative clauses and the marking of the antecedent - influence from Persian?

  • Agnes Korn, Frankfurt a.M./Germany
    Plurality in the grammar: The nominal systems of Balochi

  • Mahinnaz Mirdehghan, Mashhad/Iran
    Split-Ergative morphology in Hindi/Urdu, Pashto & Balochi languages

  • Beatrice Nicolini, Milan/Italy
    The Baloch role as mercenaries in East Africa during the XIX century (read in absence)

  • Hoshang Noraiee (Ayub Husainbor), London/UK
    Change and Continuity: Power and Religion in Iranian Balochistan

  • Abbas Parvin, Iranshahr/Iran
    Plurality in the scales of time measurement in Balochistan

  • Doreen Schindler, Berlin/Germany
    Plurilocality in Balochistan: Marriage, kinship and belonging

  • Nina Swidler, New York/USA
    The Historical Roots of Pluralism in Balochistan

  • Giti Taki, Zahedan/Iran
    Bilingual Baloch

  • Paul Titus, Christchurch/New Zealand
    To Join the Caravan of History: External Influences on the Baloch Nationalist Movement (read in absence)

  • Abdolhosein Yadegari, Khash/Iran
    Ethnic and Linguistic Plurality in Iranian Balochistan

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