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UPPSALA UNIVERSITET : Inst. för lingvistik och filologi: Orientalia Suecana
Uppsala universitet
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Institutionen för lingvistik och filologi

Orientalia Suecana

Orientalia Suecana is an international journal of Indological, Iranian, Semitic, Sinological and Turkic studies founded in 1952. As a rule one volume pro year or a double volume pro two years is issued. The journal is published with aid of grants from the Swedish Research council.

Further information about the journal is is available here, its history and plans for the future.

Starting wih vol. 58 (2009) the journal is published online. Information about earlier volumes is available here.

For contributions to next volume, please contact the Editorial board.

Orders can be made electronically or by contacting the Editorial board.

Editorial board:
Éva Á. Csató, Joakim Enwall, Bo Isaksson, Carina Jahani, Anette Månsson, Anju Saxena, Christiane Schaefer

Editorial communications should be addressed to:
Orientalia Suecana
Editorial board
Department of linguistics and philology
Uppsala university
P.O. Box 635
SE-751 26 Uppsala

Editorial board

Postal giro account:
Sweden 49 34 58-4

: +46-(0)18- 471 7869, +46-(0)18-471 1089

+46-(0)18-471 1094

Visiting address:
Engelska parken - Humanistiskt centrum, Thunbergsv. 3H, Uppsala